Two new eve-of-referendum polls show gains for Remain

Jessica Morris
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EU Referendum - Signage And Symbols
Polling stations will open tomorrow morning (Source: Getty)

Two polls released hours before Brits are due to begin voting in tomorrow's EU referendum showed a gain for the Remain campaign.

YouGov's online poll conducted between 20 to 22 June showed Remain had gained two percentage points at 51 per cent, at the expense of Leave which shed two percentage points to 49 per cent.

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This was mirrored by a ComRes poll conducted between 17 to 22 June which put Remain at 48 per cent, Leave at 42 per cent and undecided at 11 per cent. Once don't knows were accounted vote, Remain would lead 54 per cent to 46 per cent.

"Our current polling suggests the race is too close to call, but the recent trend has been towards Remain, just as other referendums in the past have shown late movement towards the status quo," it said in a statement.

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Andrew Hawkins, Chairman of ComRes, added: "As anticipated, the final campaign week has seen a boost for the status quo."

"The burning question now is whether Remain’s win will be of a sufficient margin to settle the issue of EU membership ‘for a generation’, as David Cameron put it. The visceral mood of the campaign, the negative messaging and the likely closeness of the outcome all make it unlikely that this is the end," he added.

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