Peak polling? The latest Brexit poll has crashed Opinium's website

Lynsey Barber
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The Final Day Of The EU Referendum Campaign
It could still go either way according to the polls (Source: Getty)

Such demand for the results of the latest - and final - polling by Opinium ahead of Thursday's referendum on EU membership has crashed the polling firm's website.

As campaigning reaches fever pitch, everyone clearly wants to know which way it's going to swing, and polls are all we have to go on, really.

And the result doesn't exactly clear things up - neck and neck is how it, er, remains with less than 24 hours until the nation heads to the ballot box.

Leave is pegged at 45 per cent and Remain at 44 per cent and nine per cent are still on the fence.

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"This puts the two campaigns in a statistical dead heat with each side being within the margin of error of the other despite a larger than usual sample," the polling firm said. The latest and last from Opinium was conducted online between 20 and 22 June.

Anyone hoping to find out something we didn't already know might be disappointed - that result confirms exactly the same result as the FT's poll of polls on Wednesday morning.

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The latest poll may not have strongly indicated a winner in the closely fought battle, but it did move sterling slightly.

For anyone wanting a gander at the full breakdown, thank goodness for PDFs in times of technical glitches.