EU referendum: People say business will have no influence on their vote, according to new poll

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Most people's circles were particularly influential (Source: Getty)

Most people say that what business thinks about the outcome of the referendum will not affect how they vote, according to new research.

Polling by FTI Consulting found that just 18 per cent of those surveyed said UK business leaders were influential or reassuring to hear from during the campaign.

Meanwhile, just nine per cent said multinational business leaders were influential, while another nine per cent said global investors were.

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However, UK business leaders were the second most influential group, second to friends and family. Some 38 per cent of the 1030 respondents said this group was influential.

"The most influencing voice is people in their own circles, then business leaders," said Dan Healy, managing director and head of research at FTI Consulting.

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Interestingly, Remain in voters were much more likely to listen to UK business leaders. While 28 per cent of Remain voters surveyed said that they found them influential, just eight per cent of Leave voters said the same.

"UK business was certainly resonating with Remain, but certainly not with those who want to vote Leave. For Leave voters, they resonated particularly with UK politicians, but many people saying no-one's voice was particularly influential," Healy continued.

"People are not looking for leaders or experts to talk about consequences, often taking own council instead."

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