Brexit would cut the UK's access to more than 60 markets and 2.4bn consumers, Lord Mandelson has warned

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Lord Mandelson Delivers Keynote Speech On EU Trade And The Brexit
Former MP Lord Peter Mandelson says Brexit would put acess to 2.4bn consumers at risk (Source: Getty)

The UK would lose out on free trade deals with a raft of global nations after a Brexit vote, former Business secretary Lord Peter Mandelson has said.

The EU is currently in negotiations with 14 countries, including the United States, Japan And Australia, as well as the South American Mercosur region.

According to the Remain camp, once the deals are completed, they will cover 56 per cent of world GDP, and 2.4bn consumers.

Mandelson said: “To leave [the EU] would be to cut ourselves off from unprecedented trading opportunities which support business growth, employment, lower prices and investment.

“All the experts and all the facts are clear – being part of the world’s largest free trade single market boosts trade, attracts investment, and creates jobs.

“If we leave, we lose these benefits and would be unable to replicate them alone.”

Through the EU, the UK currently has free trade arrangements with 58 countries, all negotiated since 1991.