Quitting the EU would be "win-win" for the UK's economy says Michael Gove

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Michael Gove is confident that a leave vote next week could generate "hundreds of thousands" of UK jobs (Source: Getty)

Justice secretary Michael Gove has hit back at claims that a Brexit vote would hit the UK's finances, claiming that leaving the EU would be “win-win” the for UK.

Treasury figures have forecast that the UK would be launched into a recession by a Brexit vote.

However, speaking on the BBC last night, Gove hit back.

“The truth is that if we were to leave we will be in an economically stronger position,” he said.

“We can start getting trade deals with other countries like India, China and Japan and create hundreds of thousands of jobs in this country.”

Gove added: “Leaving the EU is win-win economically.”

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Separately, he also accused a Guardian reporter of trying to put words in his father’s mouth after it disputed Gove’s account of EU regulation causing the closure of his father’s business, saying that it had been sold as a going concern.

However, Gove accused the Guardian of trying to "belittle his suffering" to try to "serve their agenda".

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