The Little White House in Mayfair's US embassy quarter is up for sale

Helen Cahill
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U.S. Embassy Security Tightened
The US embassy is moving to Nine Elms (Source: Getty)

If you've ever dreamed of making your way through a hefty security cordon to get to your own front door, then this is the home you've been waiting for.

A £2.5m mini-White House inside the US embassy complex is now up for sale - and it's currently the most protected private home in Britain.

Unfortunately, when the US embassy moves to Nine Elms in 2017, the US marines, checkpoints, and anti-tank blocks will move too, leaving behind only the glamour of the former embassy buildings.

The US embassy is being transformed into a five-star hotel and luxury resort, with the mini-White House - which dates back to 1732 - adjacent to it.

The interior of the new property (Source: Wetherell)

The so-called Little White House is situated at 4 Blackburne's Mews in Mayfair, near Grosvenor Square.

The house underwent reconstruction between 1926 and 1928 by architects William Forsyth amd Hugh Maule. It is now being sole by Wetherell estate agents.

Peter Wetherell, chief executive of Wetherell, said: "For Grosvenor Square the next five years will be the most significant in its 270 year history.

A digital image of the site. (Source: Wetherell)

"With the security cordon gone in 2017, and the Embassy replaced by a new luxury hotel with large public realms, residential values in the locale could rise easily by an additional ten per cent above the overall Mayfair value increases we have been seeing over the decades."