As motorists prepare to make their way to France for the UEFA Euro 2016 Championship, the average UK driver can't understand half of French road signs

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Can you understand French road signs? (Source: Getty)

Driving may be the cheapest option when it comes to catching the European Championships action live next weekend, but a new study finds it's not exactly safe.

Despite one in five men planning to take their cars across the Channel tunnel this month, the average UK driver doesn't understand half of French road signs or laws, according to new research.

Those who were planning to drive to France this summer fared the worst, failing to correctly identify 53 per cent road signs, found insurance4carhire.

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Even those who have taken their cars to the continent before still managed to misread 44 per cent of signs – showing there’s some revision needed before they hit the road in this weekend.

The majority of drivers thought the sign for "toll" meant "stop please", while an optimistic one in five believed a sign warning that speed cameras are in operation actually meant "secure WiFi for all passengers".

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Meanwhile, Britons know even less about the road laws in France. Around one third didn't know that drivers are required to carry a breathalyser in their vehicles at all times, while only a quarter can tell you the national speed limit on a French motorway (80mph, in case you were wondering).

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