Sirin Labs' crazy £10k luxury super secure Solarin smartphone is about to launch in London

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A phone as luurious as a sports car? Why not... (Source: Getty)

A secretive startup backed by millions of dollars is about to launch a luxury smartphone promising ultimate privacy - and believes the UK is its target market. But anyone thinking of giving this new brand phone a whirl should get saving - it'll set you back around £10,000.

The Israeli-founded but Switzerland-based Sirin Labs has unveiled plans for an imminent launch of the Solarin smartphone, "built without restriction or compromise", which will be sold from a swanky shop in the heart of Mayfair.

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"Unlike mainstream technology companies where price is paramount, Sirin Labs doesn’t need to wait a couple of years before bringing the most advanced technology to its customers," said chief executive Tal Cohen, an entrepreneur and former consultant at McKinsey.

Apparently, when price isn't "paramount", the sky's the limit.

We can offer them tomorrow’s technology, today. Cost doesn’t influence our decision making; optimal functionality and quality do. To achieve this, Sirin Labs has brought together a network of highly skilled suppliers and partners capable of the most intricate engineering and united by a common determination that complexity must not stand in the way in the pursuit of excellence, combined with a refusal to accept compromise.

Sirin Labs' pedigree includes the former head of brand for McLaren and Rolls Royce, Sony Mobile's former chief technology officer and a former deputy managing director of fashion brand Hermes.

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Set up in late 2013, the firm has gained $72m and has since worked on research and design, but has kept the device under wraps.

The Mayfair store will open on 17 May and its no surprise that the startup has set its sights on London to sell the luxury smartphone - it is, after all, home to more billionaires than any other city in the world.

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