EU referendum: Irish PM Edna Kenny wants citizens to make pro-EU case to UK relatives

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Irish Prime Minister Kenny Visits Germany
Kenny said the economic relationship between the UK and Ireland could be put at risk by Brexit (Source: Getty)

Irish citizens should be making a positive case about the EU to their British relatives to help shore up support ahead of the UK's referendum, the Irish Prime Minister said.

Taoiseach Edna Kenny acknowledged that the decision is for British people to make, but that the Irish should reach out to family and friends to help convince British people to vote to remain in the 28-member bloc.

"I urge all other members of the House to use their connections and influence to reinforce the case," Kenny said. "This is a matter on which we should be united."

"I also hope that people in Ireland will also reach out to family, friends and business colleagues in Britain," Reuters reported Kenny to have said.

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Ireland would be severely affected by Brexit. Earlier this week Deutsche Bank said that Britain leaving the EU would be "the biggest single source of uncertainty facing the Irish economy in the near-term", other than the formation of a new government.

Ireland is the only country in the EU to share a land border with the UK, and Brexit could hurt Ireland's exporters.

Kenny said the beneficial economic relationship between the UK and Ireland, would be at risk.

Currently the two nations trade €1.2 billios (£941m) of goods and services each week.

In Northern Ireland there have been claims that Brexit could lead to a referendum on its status in the UK, wit the option of joining the Republic.

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