Have we reached peak millennial? If these products and slogans are anything to go by, maybe

Jake Cordell
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Millennials don't like being sold to. But brands aren't going to give up.
Millennials don't like being sold to. But brands aren't going to give up. (Source: Getty)

Millennials are, apparently, hot property.

You only need to look at Google’s search trends to find out just how hot. While the term ‘Generation Y’ has been kicking about for some time, ‘millennial’ didn’t really get going until 2013. But when it did, it sure took off fast.

Companies have cottoned on fast. This time-poor, high-spending group of youngsters could make or break their bottom line.

At a two-day conference, Millennial 20/20 taking place in London this week, the great and the good of the selling-stuff-to-millennials gang have gathered to share tips and insights to tapping into the pockets of the new kids on the block.

However, according to just one of the slogans plastered onto the bare white walls, “84 per cent of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising”. So how’s a company supposed to reach the elusive millennial?

If the products and gizmos on display are any indication, in a downright irreverent or bone-shakingly terrifying kind of way.

Here's what marketers want millennials to buy, and how they're going to make sure they do:

The products

  • “Water” made from tree sap. “It looks like water, but it’s not.”

  • Silicon-nylon hybrid electric toothbrushes. For those who aren’t yet ready for the full silicon experience.

  • Tinder for craft beer. Because, people like dating, drinking and swiping.

  • Hands-free selfie case. For when a stick won’t do and your computer screen is lacking an iPhone-shaped appendage.

  • Textiles made from orange peel.

The marketing

  • “Listening has evolved.”

  • “We’re building Me-commerce.”

  • “We let marketers react to their visitors’ ‘digital body language’ in real time.”

  • “Every item is a foot soldier.”

  • “Surprise your guests with an extraordinary welcome.”

  • “The internet of beings.”

  • “These walls can talk.”