Dickie Fitz review: The new restaurant opening brings platefuls of Australasian flair to Fitzrovia

Steve Hogarty
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Dickie Fitz, a restaurant the name of which I've managed, throughout this entire review, to not giggle at once.

Dickie Fitz
‚Äč48 Newman St, W1T 1QQ

WHAT? A modern Australasian diner serving lunch and dinner to passing Fitzrovians. It’s a beautiful spot, light and airy with bright yellow seating and fresh white walls bringing to mind the cozy feeling of climbing into a big egg.

WHERE? “On the corner of Newman and Goodge,” as the Americans would put it. That’s near Goodge Street station.

WHO? The latest opening by the Affinity Group, which sounds like a shady cabal of criminal masterminds, but is in fact a friendly partnership of four London bars and restaurants, including The Henry Root in Chelsea. Chef Matt Robinson’s Sydney origins can be seen all up and down this Pacific-inspired menu.

ORDER THIS... Ask for John Dory, a weird-ass (but tasty) fish that’s most commonly found off the coast of New Zealand. It’s also found pretty much everywhere else, as fish tend to wander about, but here on the plate it politely sits on a bed of udon noodles and seaweed. A sparky and fresh one-dish summary of Dickie’s culinary gist.

BUSINESS OR PLEASURE? There are tables of varying degrees of privacy and the place isn’t too noisy, making it ideal for a quick one-on-one meeting.

NEED TO BOOK? Most likely, yes. You can book a table at dickiefitz.co.uk

THE VERDICT... An immensely lovely restaurant with a nicely focused menu of interesting dishes that’ll have you wanting to return before you’ve even started eating.