This is where Brits spend the most money buying their first car (spoiler alert: it's not London)

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The firm says that the days of buying a lemon are long gone (Source: Getty)

Supercar season may be just getting under way in the city, but for all the golden Lambourghinis causing congestion in Knightsbrige, Londoners on average don't spend as much on their first cars as you'd think.

Scotland is the real home of Britain's petrol heads, as new drivers north of the wall spend the most on their first car, according to new research.

London comes second to Scotland; the average first time buyer in the capital spends about £5,200 on their first set of wheels, while those in the north spend £5450 on their cars according to research from Go Compare.

You would think that well-heeled parents in the home counties would invest more money in their child's first motor, but the insurance site has found that first-time buyers in East Anglia spend an average of £3,265 on them, more than £2,000 less than Scottish drivers.

New drivers in the South East paid the least, spending an average of £2,930, but the firm says that, across the UK, those passing their driving tests now are investing in better cars than their parents.

Go Compare's Matt Oliver said: “Everyone remembers their first car and whilst many of us probably started out in something of an old banger, today younger drivers are spending a bit more money and are able to get a half decent first car."

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