This Chinese boss gave 10 employees Maseratis, then took them on the drive of their lives

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Only five Maseratis made it to the destination (Source: Getty)

Thought an away-day to the local paintballing centre was exciting? Try working with Chinese boss Ni Hai Shan, who presented 10 of his employees with £98,000 Maseratis as their year-end bonus - then took them on a mad journey along China's "highway of death".

The People's Daily Online reported that 29-year-old Hai Shan, whose family business makes medical plasters, led his team along the 1,336-mile highway running between Sichuan and Tibet in a red Ferrari

Along the way, the team drove down dirt tracks, crossed streams and cross the decidedly shaky-looking Nujiang Bridge.

Hai Shan takes his Ferrari through a stream (Source: Weibo)

Only five of the Maseratis made it to the final destination, while Hai Shan's Ferrari reportedly lost three of its wheels (he even posted a text conversation with his reluctant insurance company on his Weibo profile).

The highway includes an 8.5-mile section known as the "Tongmai Graveyard", thanks to the number of deaths that occur there each year. The road traverses 14 mountains, hitting altitudes of 4,000-5,000 metres, and is hit by dozens of landslides and avalanches each year.

The Maseratis line up outside a restaurant in eastern China (Source: Weibo)

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