The Green party has ridiculed party leaders including Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron in London mayoral and assembly elections campaign video

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The Green party highlighted divisions in the Conservative party (Source: Getty)

Leaders of the UK's political parties have been roundly mocked in an election video from the Green party.

The parody contrasts the Green party's policies with the political infighting other parties are subject to.

The video features a young Boris Johnson riding a tricycle and trading blows with George Osborne and his "long-term lega-monic plan".

The video attempts to garner support for the Greens in the upcoming London mayoral and assembly elections, taking place in May.

Labour's not immune, with the video hitting out at Jeremy Corbyn for appearing rather feeble.

Despite Corbyn having pushed early on in his leadership for a kinder, more sensible politics, the party has been embroiled in infighting over key issues such as Trident.

Meanwhile, the Greens take on "playground politics" by referencing an edition of Prime Minister's Questions that descended into something resembling a schoolyard, with Cameron and Corbyn having swapped insults about each other's mothers.

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And moving onto the London mayoral election, a youthful Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith trade blows about their houses.

Indeed, housing is set to be the biggest issue in the upcoming mayoral election according to polls, and all candidates have stated solving the housing crisis as a key objective.

At the end of the video a teacher appears to say that "while other parties throw about insults, we've been working hard for Londoners".

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