This bar is selling cocktails styled on London Mayoral election candidates Sian Berry, Caroline Pidgeon, Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith

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Who would you like to taste first?

Is this the most glamorous mayoral election ever?

Last year, we found out Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith received a £50,000 donation towards his campaign from his aristocratic mother Lady Annabel Goldsmith.

This year, a "day on the campaign trail" with Goldsmith was auctioned off for £35,000 at the Conservatives' annual Black and White Gala, and just last week a self-titled "Polish prince" threw himself into the mayoral race and registered to run as an independent.

Keeping the theme of high society running through the campaigns, a bar in Westminster has started selling mayoral election-themed cocktails.

The new cocktail list at the Blue Boar includes four politically-inspired creations, "Berry & Spice", "The Early Bird", "Khan’s Old Fashioned", and "Goldsmith’s Utopia".

The bar tells us each libation, meticulously crafted by mixologist Roland Mandoki, is "the perfect accompaniment to election conversation", presumably between conversations about the EU referendum.

Mandoki said: "the inspiration behind the cocktails is to offer an experience to accompany the election atmosphere – conversation, connection and great cocktails in what is a richly political area.”

The Capitalist thinks the timing is perfect. With City A.M.'s own mayoral debate between Zac Goldmith and Sadiq Khan just a week away, where better to head after the big event to chew the fat?

Berry & Spice

The Berry & Spice, named after Green party hopeful Sian Berry, is a mix of silver tequila, dry vermouth, tabasco and lime juice "inspired by Sian Berry’s hard-hitting climate policies".

The Early Bird

The Early Bird, an interpretation of Caroline Pidgeon’s pledge to halve tube fares before 7.30am, is made with breakfast tea, lemon juice, sugar, vodka and vanilla liqueur.

Khan's Old Fashioned

Much like Khan's departure from the Labour party's business policies, Khan's Old Fashioned is a big departure from the traditional whisky cocktail made from a mix of Campari and vodka with elderflower.

Goldsmith's Utopia

Meanwhile, Golsmith's Utopia is a true blue combination of gin and curacao blue with lemon, sugar and egg white, topped with orange twist and cherry.

Naturally, the cocktails don't come cheap. With a £12 price tag, everyone in London can share the election glamour.

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