Apple event: Five things we think we know about the 21 March launch of the iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3, Apple Watch bands, iOS 9.3 and other software updates

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Apple will loop us in on new iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch news on Monday (Source: Apple)

Apple fans, get ready. The always-anticipated launch of a new device is happening on Monday and as always, the rumour-mill is in overdrive. What can we expect from Tim Cook and co'?

It's not all about the iPhone 5se, in fact, but it is likely to be the star of the show. Here's everything you need to know about the new iPhone model, iPad, Watch and iOS software. Just looping you in.

1. A special edition iPhone

The 5se, said to stand for special edition, is an update of the 5s that will bring some of the features beloved of the 6s but with a cheaper price point and smaller four inch size. Apple still has its eye on emerging markets, where competition is much greater and it can't rely as much on just being Apple, bringing price more into the mix. And while the 6 range went for size to challenge rivals, there are still some out there who want a nice compact phone that fits in their pocket.

2. A shiny new iPad

We've only just had the monster that is the iPad Pro six months ago, but there may be a successor imminently. The iPad Air 3, as it has been known, could in fact be branded as the Pro, and is expected to be a 9.7 inch tablet (not as large as the current giant 12.9 inch Pro). This version will have four speakers for better sound, a smart conncter option for attaching, for example, a keyboard, and the Apple Pencil (its version of an old-school stylus). It could also include the first ever flash on an iPad camera,

3. Watch out for bands

The Apple Watch may not have taken off quite so immediately as one might expect of its new products (Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak even aired worries about the product) but that won't stop them. Monday will bring with it a new selection of bands,

The goal? If you have an Apple Watch, maybe you'll buy a new strap, if you don't, maybe new designs will tempt you. Everyone loves a new colourway.

4. iOS9 update

The latest update from Apple iOS 9.3 for your iPhone or iPad wants to help you sleep better. It will include a new feature, known as Nigh Shift, that dims your screen at night time automatically. Sweet dreams.

The release has been in beta for developers, hence how we know about it, but there may be changes and Apple may well confirm the features that will make it into the official roll out. That could include new 3D touch actions on a range of apps, suggested things nearby in maps, being able to save the full resolution still image if it's a live photo. and password protected notes.

If you don't want to get a new phone, this is what to look out for, because the update will bring these features to your current iPhone.

It will also fix a rather serious bug that means changing the date to anytime before 1970 bricks an iPhone (stops it from turning on essentially). That'll be fixed, so breath a sigh of relief if you know any pranksters.

5. Other software updates

Watch OS 2.2, along with the iPhone update, means you can pare more than one watch to a single iPhone. Other than that, there are liekly to be just minor bug fixes and refinement to the current OS. Meanwhile, Apple TV will get an update too, 9.2, bringing users bluetooth keyboard support and other minor updates and the simialr tweaks are expected for OS X El Capitan for Macs.

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