The crafty careers the City would leave their job for - everyone's an amateur Instagram photographer, but many want to do it professionally

Lynsey Barber
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Everyone's an amateur photographer these days (Source: Getty)

Call it the Instagram effect - we're all amateur photographers now - but there are sections of the City itching to leave it all behind for a fresh start and a dream of becoming a professional.

Some 15 per cent of people working in banking or finance feel a calling to do something more hands on, and more than a quarter of them would rather be taking snaps for a living.

Becoming a musician was the next most popular option, followed by 17 per cent of people who fancy the creativity of interior design.

Craft careers people would leave their job for

1. Photography

2. Musician

3. Interior design

4. Chef/baker

5. Jewellerydesign

6. Landscape gardening

7. Illustrator/artist

8. Beer/wine brewing

9. Pottery

10. Farming

A high pressured always-on working life is likely the biggest reasons we're turning to crafts - finding crafts therapeutic was cited as the biggest reason for taking up a craft hobby, according to the survey of more than 2,000 people by Balvenie whisky as it launches a new web series about Britain's top crafts people with top chef Michel Roux.

Almost a third of us have taken up a craft in the last five years, but it's not necessarily for everyone - 30 per cent of financiers said they have no patience for learning a new hands-on hobby.

It's security guards who want to ditch their job the most. An astonishing 95 per cent of them would want to give it all up and retrain, as would 91 per cent of IT consultants and 87 per cent of accountants.

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