People in Venezuela have been told not to turn up for work next week because of an electricity crisis

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President Of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro Meets With United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon
The Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has said the government is doing its best to manage the situation (Source: Getty)

Venezuela has decided to extend its Easter celebrations by three days next week due to massive electricity shortages hitting the country.

The country's president Nicolas Maduro has given everyone, both private and public sector employees, an extra three day off work.

State employees were told last weekend they should stay home for the week.

Venezuela is currently battling against an energy crisis after a prolonged drought has caused water shortages and taken its toll on the output of hydroelectric dams.

The ruling socialist party has blamed the El Nino warm weather front, as well as "sabotage" by political opponents.

However there are reports of engineers claiming mismanagement of resources and poor maintenance has exacerbated the crisis.

Earlier in the week the country’s electricity minister warned that the water level at the nations largest dam has fallen to within 10 feet of its minimum operating level.

The country has had to ration electricity and water across the country for months.

“We’re hoping, God willing, rains will come,” Maduro said in a national address Saturday. “Look, the saving is more than 40 per cent when these measures are taken. We’re reaching a difficult place that we’re trying to manage.”

Last year public sector workers had their working day cut to just 5.5 hours, down from eight to nine hours.

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