Budget 2016: Compulsory maths for all students under the age of 18? George Osborne is considering it

Catherine Neilan
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Bad news kids. George Osborne is looking into plans to make maths compulsory for all students up to the age of 18.

The chancellor revealed the plans during the Budget today, saying it was part of his moves to help the future.

Great for companies looking for willing graduates to fill STEM jobs, but there might be a few humanities students cowering under the tables.

The announcement came as part of a number of measures, including plans to turn all primary and secondary schools into academies by 2022.

Osborne also revealed plans to extend the school day "for those that want offer their pupils a wider range of activities, including extra sport".

It will be voluntary for schoolsl and compulsory for those students whose institution takes it up.

The funds will be provided from a sugar levy on soft drinks to make "a Britain fit for the future".