Deutsche Bank bonus pool shrinks to €2.4bn in 2015 after losses

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Deutsche Bank Announces 2012 Financial Results
Es regnet at Deutsche Bank HQ (Source: Getty)

Deutsche Bank employees' bonus pool shrank to €2.4bn in 2015 after the bank was hit by the double whammy of massive losses and market volatility.

The bank's annual report, published this morning, showed variable compensation fell from €2.7bn last year. Meanwhile, the number of full-time staff at the lender rose from 98,138 to 101,104 - despite massive job cuts announced by the bank in recent months.

Adding in currency movements, bonuses have fallen by 17 per cent at the bank. The report added that it paid out €8.1bn in salaries in 2015, up from €7.3bn.

At the end of January chief executive John Cryan said its board won't receive its bonus for 2015, after the bank posted its first annual loss since 2008.

Shares in the bank have tanked since the beginning of the year as it was buffeted by volatility on equities markets.

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