The Lord Mayor may be a shipping grandee, but his name doesn't ring a bell at the Old Bailey

Edith Hancock
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Prime Minister David Cameron Attends The Lord Mayor's Banquet
More importantly, the lord mayor spends a lot of time wearing fancy cloaks and medals (Source: Getty)

Poor Lord Mountevans. Jeffrey Evans may be a household name to the City's ship brokers and insurers, but but apparently not at the Old Bailey.

According to Court News UK, which diligently records day-to-day proceedings at the courthouse, tour guides have difficulty explaining to visitors what a lord mayor does, and who he is.

As any grandee worth his salt knows, Evans is the 688th lord mayor of the City of London, elected last September by City aldermen.

The Lord Mayor of the City of London spends around three months a year leading overseas business delegations on behalf of the City and meeting key politicians from home and abroad, as well as business leaders and decision makers visiting London’s financial community. He can often be seen wearing fancy cloaks, medals and cravats.

Evans himself is a City grandee and something of a household name amongst London's shipbrokers. He was appointed to the board of directors at Clarksons in 1989. He's a member of the Baltic Exchange, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, and chairman of Maritime UK.

Maybe this list of accomplishments was just too much of a mouthful. A group being taken on a tour yesterday were shown the main entrance used by the lord mayor, described as “not Boris Johnson, the other man”.

Come on guys, keep up.

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