Airbnb: Most people have given up on their dream house and dream job by the time they're 20

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Still hanging on to those dreams of being a princess/astronaut/England midfielder/Spice Girl? That puts you in the minority - after new research suggested most people have given up on their childhood dreams by the age of 20.

The research, by Airbnb, showed a mere five per cent of people are doing their dream job, while 57 per cent of people had ditched their dreams for something altogether more realistic by the age of 20 - and another 17 per cent said they had already given up on their dreams by the age of 10.


1. Pop/rock star

2. Astronaut

3. Scientist

4. Actor

5. Doctor

Meanwhile, while just over a third of people had pictured themselves living in a castle one day, 56 per cent had given up on that ideal (presumably in favour of a sensible Victorian semi) by the age of 20.

Not surprisingly, one in five said the fact they had given up on their dreams made them sad.

To make people feel better about that, Airbnb said that to make people feel better, it was offering £100 off stays in treehouses and on private islands. Aaaah.


1. Castle

2. Treehouse

3. Desert island

4. Farm

5. Boat or ship

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