Generation Y-ney? It's official - millennials are the moaniest workers, while Generation X have the strongest work ethic

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The Big Chill - Day Three
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Been hearing a lot of complaints from the youngest members of your team recently? Not surprising, apparently: new research has suggested that millennials - those born between 1980 and 2004 - are likely to be your workplace's whiniest workers.

The research, by Workfront, found 41 per cent of workers think their millennial colleagues are the biggest complainers, followed by baby boomers (seen by 31 per cent as the moaniest) and generation X.

Millennials are also seen as the least co-operative, by 43 per cent of their colleagues - and the least likely to take responsibility - by 57 per cent of their colleagues.

But they do have some uses. Some 46 per cent of colleagues reckon millennials are the most creative, while 66 per cent think they're the most tech savvy.

Meanwhile, generation X - those aged between 35 and 50 - are seen as the hardest workers, by 52 per cent of colleagues, and the most productive - by 60 per cent. They also have the strongest work ethic, and make the best problem solvers.

But alas, baby boomers - those aged over 50 - are seen as the least hard-working and the least productive, although they do have the second-strongest work ethic and are the second-most skilled.

To be fair, millennials do have something to complain about: yesterday they were told they should be saving £800 a month if they want to retire at the age of 65 with a £30,000-a-year income.

They responded in typically gen Y fashion, posting complaints on Twitter.

Whine, whine, whine. Come on, guys. That's not the can-do attitude of your forebears...

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