Financiers love people watching in Piccadilly as Emma Thompson is spotted at the Wolseley

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Emma Thompson was spotted in the west end on Saturday (Source: Getty)

Panmure Gordon’s David Buik is known for many things: his market commentary, his eccentric language and, most of all, his love of films.

So you can already imagine the sheer joy Mr Buik felt when he spotted Emma Thompson during a visit to The Wolseley in Piccadilly last weekend.

“I have rarely been to The Wolseley without seeing a celebrity”, the City grandee tweeted on Saturday, after spotting the actress out in town with romance novelist Joanna Trollope.

We can relate. Once out for lunch with a board member of a nearby store The Capitalist saw Stephen Fry propped up at the bar taking a break from his Christmas shopping, and at the same time Steve Coogan was dining in the restaurant just 10 feet away.

While financiers guessed that Thompson and Trollope were probably thinking exactly the same thing about seeing Buik in the brasserie, perhaps he should be wary of meeting the Love Actually star.

When asked about the lack of diversity in this year’s Oscar nominations at the British Film Awards, Thompson concluded that the only way to end the dominance of old white men in the film industry is to either wait for them to die out, “or kill them off slowly.”

Best sleep with one eye open, David.

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