US presidential election 2016: Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders win New Hampshire primary

Clara Guibourg
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Sanders said his victory showed voters want “real change” (Source: Getty)

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders both took home decisive victories in the New Hampshire primary.

Sanders, the socialist senator from Vermont, looks set to beat Democrat rival Hillary Clinton by the widest margin in New Hampshire primary history. Sanders said this showed voters want “real change”.

Meanwhile, Trump, the controversial mogul gunning for the Republican nomination, appears to have got more than twice as many votes as the runner-up.

“So beautiful… We are going to make America great again,” said Trump to a cheering crowd.

New Hampshire is the second state to choose candidates in the long run-up to the US presidential election, following the caucuses in Iowa a week ago.

Iowa was won by Clinton for the Democrats and Ted Cruz for the Republicans.

The next states to hold primaries will be South Carolina and Nevada.