From the pursuit of happiness to the EU referendum: Here's what got us talking this week

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Polly will want more than a cracker if you leave her in the back of a black cab (Source: Getty)

It was week in which we discovered people leave taxidermy foxes in black cabs. Facebook turned 12 (and oh, how it's changed...). And The One Where Joey Presents Top Gear suddenly became a possibility...

The Seven Weird Habits of Highly Successful People (including Bill Gates)

1. Everyone started thinking about happiness

First, a study showed when you're happiest in life - then, one showed us where the happiest people live.

Does your team seem down in the dumps? Perhaps some new employee perks are needed - take inspiration from our list of the world's best. We also put together a list of 28 brilliantly difficult-to-translate foreign terms to use when praising your team - for when you just can't find the right word...

2. ... but bankers weren't happy at all

Bank share prices spent the week in decidedly wobbly territory, with Credit Suisse becoming the latest lender to post very disappointing results. It's not the only one, though - banks' share prices have plummeted across the board this year.

The poor figures led to bonuses at Credit Suisse being cut. Hardly surprising, then, that data from Emolument showed while bankers' bonuses are up this year, they're not happy at all.

3. Stelios launched his latest bargain basement offering

Yep, with all items priced at 25p as an "introductory offer", EasyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou's EasyFoodstore arrived in north-west London with a bang.

Fast forward a couple of days, though, and the shop abruptly closed. No prizes for guessing why...

4. We all kept talking about house prices

As April's stamp duty hike on buy-to-let properties draws nearer, one organisation has warned a rash of buy-to-let homes could be about to come onto the market as landlords throw up their hands in frustration.

Meanwhile, a survey warned the average house price in more than half of London's neighbourhoods is half a million pounds or above - while another suggested growth is picking up.

But one small voice suggested prices may fall. You never know...

5. The PM got his deal. Sort of.

The Prime Minister negotiated a deal on the UK's relationship with the EU (the full text of which is here). The deal went down like a lead balloon among many, including Boris Johnson, who was far from impressed. Is there a chance the PM could ever back the Leave campaign? This columnist is awaiting David Cameron's "Love Actually" moment...

Ps. If you were worried about this weekend's Tube strike, worry no more: it was called off this evening. Have a great weekend.

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