Dry January: Where in the UK were people best at sticking to it?

Lynsey Barber and Chris Parmenter
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Some places were better than others this Dry January

How good were you at sticking to Dry January?

Nearly four million people laid off the booze during January, but it was the people of East Anglia who were best at it.

More than three quarters of people in the area stuck to their pledge to abstain from alcohol for the month, doing it better than any other location in the country.

Those in the north were also pretty good at sticking to the commitment, but it was those in Scotland who were the least successful - just 46 per cent of the 2,000 people surveyed by OnePoll for Laithwaites made it all the way through.

It identified the second week of January as the most difficult part of the month to stick with it.

Now we're in February, Laithwaites said it expects its wine sales to tick up 35 per cent....

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