Uber ordered to pay €1.2m by French court

Lynsey Barber
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Uber has been told to pay out to French taxi drivers (Source: Getty)

Uber has been ordered to pay out €1.2m (£900,000) by a court in France.

The Paris high court ruled that Uber must pay the National Taxi Union, in relation to a ruling on the way Uber picks up passengers in the city, according to documents seen by AFP.

The ruling dates back to 2014 and is being appealed by Uber, as will the latest decision a spokesperson said.

"This dates back to 2014 and the practical way in which we used to talk about how driver-partners use our service - it is not about the Uber app or the way it works. The merits of the case on which today's decision was based are already under appeal. Clearly we will appeal this particular outcome too. There is a question mark over the very law itself, which the European Commission is investigating."

The French capital was at the centre of fresh demonstrations against the ride-hailing service. Yesterday, 20 arrests were made and police used tear gas on protesters. A second day of demonstrations is taking place today.

Taxi drivers in Paris, and many other cities around the world including London, have disputed Uber's compliance with regulations.

There have been several protests previously in Paris and authorities have attempted to ban the app in the city.

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