Drummond Puddle Watch brings the City to a standstill as nearly 20,000 people watch a live stream

Edith Hancock
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An artist's impression of the body of water (Source: Getty)

Could this be the solution to the UK's productivity puzzle?

Never mind HSBC’s ongoing online banking crisis, or North Korea’s latest announcement that it is testing hydrogen bombs: City folk are far more concerned about how people are going to get across a massive puddle hundreds of miles away.

In fact, of the 20,000-odd people who have been watching the trials and tribulations of passers-by trying to ..er... pass by the puddle, more than a few herald from financial institutions.

Deputy head of policy at the IoD Jimmy McLoughlin admitted the live stream had brought his office to a standstill.

A spokesperson added dryly (sorry): “The IoD has long been a passionate advocate of disruptive innovation and the Northern Powerhouse.”

Staff at YouGov were also gripped by the action.

But the excitement of watching people attempt to cross the puddle has not, it seems, been an unproductive afternoon for everyone.

One Newcastle-based photographer has collected water from the offending pond-like basin and is selling it on Ebay. Although the initial bids would suggest she might not have struck oil with the idea...