Camden Town Brewery AB InBev sale defended to craft beer lovers by founder Jasper Cuppaidge

Lynsey Barber
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Camden Hells and other brews are now owned by AB InBev (Source: Camden Town Brewery)

The founder of Camden Town Brewery has been forced to defend a decision to sell the craft brewery to AB InBev, receiving angry questions during a Twitter Q+A today following news of the acquistion.

Jasper Cuppaidge fielded questions from craft beer fans and investors, many of them worried that the beer would change or what would happen to the investment. He insisted that it was "business as usual" despite the new ownership, and that selling was the best way to grow.

Q: Couldn't you have gone another route and grew the business at a slower rate independently rather than selling? Why this?

Q: Not sure why you keep addressing your answers like you will still own the brewery? It will be @ABInBevUKI_News. Confusing??

Q: What's the going rate for a soul these days ?

Q: Jasper, was the crowd funded money and the early investment not enough to achieve building the brewery?

Q: What happens with all the crowdfunding money now? All those people have put money into inbev? If I'd invested, I'd be livid.

Q: Very disappointed you didn't consult everyone who invested, heard about this through the guardian. Are we now forced out?

Q: What happens to the crowdfund shareholders who invested believing in the brand and who r responsible for the popularity?

Q: Thoughts on your customers losing that 'we helped create this from a small pop-up stand' thought when drinking Hells from now

Cuppaidge also confirmed that a pervious investment by a "Belgian manufacturing family" for a 20 per cent stake earlier this year was not AB InBev.

He said he was not worried about the potential competition issues raised by the merger of AB InBev and SAB MIller, which may be forced to sell off Meantime, the Greenwich-based craft brewer which it bought this summer before the deal.

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