Five of the most ridiculous Star Wars Force Awakens merchandising and products : From Lightsaber chopsticks to Darth Vader showerheads

Lynsey Barber
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Disney's Star Wars Celebration 2015
Some Star Wars merchandise could end up collecting dust rather then becoming collectables (Source: Getty)

As the world awaits Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens to hit cinemas, there's one thing that might just be even bigger than the biggest flm of the year - the merchandise.

The Disney machine is already churning out everything from bed covers to waffle makers and products associated with the biggest film of the year are expected to rake in $5bn, according to the FT.

While products will no doubt fly off the shelves, there are some that we suspect may be slightly less in demand. Here's our round up of the most ridiculous film tie-ins.

Chop Chewie

Let’s be clear, these are just sticks. Small sticks. Ok, they do light up, but for £15.99, you could just get a Chinese take away.

"The Groom Awakens" stag parties

If you’re old enough to get married, you’re probably old enough to know better than this. Yes, you may be Star Wars’ biggest fan, but why you would pay good money to someone else to dress up as Obi Wan and teach you how to fight with a Lightsaber? You can just do that in the privacy of your own home for free. This kid did, and he became the first ever internet meme.

Unless teachers are trained Jedis, we’re not buying it, thanks anyway Thankfully, Disney does not endorse this one.

Dark s-eyed

What is it about this make up that makes it Star Wars make up? Nothing. Literally nothing. Max Factor has simply sat back and slapped a label onto a normal tube of mascara. Don't even get us started on the lipstick.

Oranges are the new black

Darth Vader's food of choice? We don't think so. But neither is Campbell's soup and SpaghettiOs...

May the (shower) force be with you

No one want this creepy little number watching over them in the shower.

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