David Cameron's age according to a robot after 10 years as Conservative party leader

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David Cameron Begins Leadership Campaign
in 2005, David Cameron was just 39 years old (Source: Getty)

It's hard work being a leader. Understandably, anyone put in charge of a country, or a political party's bid to do that, can expect to look a little greyer and a little more grizzled after a few years at the top.

From a fresh-faced 39 year-old to a near 50 year old, David Cameron is celebrating a decade as leader of the Conservative party, and half of that as Prime Minister. He's the fourth Conservative to ever achieve that, following in hte footsteps of Stanley Baldwin, Sir Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

A decade on though, it seems he's had a few Benjamin Button moments, if you ask a robot to calculate his age, that is.

Microsoft's How Old Robot uses machine learning to interpret photos and specifically, the age of the subject in them. We took Cameron's time at the top to the robot to test out what kind of toll the leadership has had on him. Naturally, it's not an exact science, but we used pictures from each year that were similar in lighting and pose.

Here's how he's aged over the last decade, according to a robot


Robot age: 52

Real age: 39

A surprisingly high start here. But, perhaps looking older than his 30-odd years paid off in the leadership contest.


Robot age: 45

Actual age: 40

A bit more appropriate. A year on from winning the leadership race, maybe Cameron had a bit more time for relaxing and getting some beauty rest.


Robot age: 37

Actual age: 41

Here's a Benjamin Button moment. The robots now think he's younger than when he began his decade in charge. It's probably those rosy red cheeks that did it.


Robot age: 46

Actual age: 42

A four-year margin of error? Not bad robots.


Robot age: 49

Actual age: 43

At 43, we put the guess of 49 down to a bit of a dad haircut. Ageing, but not grey, at least.


Robot age: 37

Actual age: 44

This time, no flushed cheeks, but maybe it's the wide-eyed stare suggesting inexperience. That didn't stop him becoming Prime Minister, albeit leading a coalition government.


Robot age: 46

Actual age: 45

A year in to leading the country, and the struggles of a coalition don't appear to have taken their toll.


Robot age: 39

Actual age: 46

Is Cameron sleeping in Tupperware. His age is pegged back at the actual age he was when he became leader. Perhaps he's getting some tips from other world leaders?


Robot age: 54

Actual age: 47

2012 was quite a busy year, admittedly, and there would have been little time for beauty sleep. Robots have put him post-50 again.


Robot age: 54

Actual age: 48

There's just no shaking off that Olympics hangover, and what with an election coming up, it's no wonder Cameron's losing out on six years here.


Robot age: 49

Actual age: 49

What do you know, a decade on Cameron is finally looking his age. He's also doing a lot better than he did in the midst of the General Election earlier this year, when the robot guessing engine put his age at a pretty harsh 77. Here's how the rest of the contenders stacked up, and how the top chief executives in business compare.

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