Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro threatens "bourgeois parasite" Heinz management over "sabotage" of economy

Catherine Neilan
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Beanz meanz bourgeois. In Venezuela at least... (Source: Getty)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has threatened to arrest senior members of the food group Heinz for "sabotaging the national economy".

The country's leader, who earlier this year arrested a number of businessmen for "conspiring" to create long queues outside their shops, went on TV last night to warn that an inspection would be carried out against the "bourgeois parasites" who work at Heinz.

"Enough of this bourgeoisie," he said. "They ran out of time, bourgeois parasites."

He also criticised the company managers for holding back products to drive up demand.

"I know the manager is conspiring to irritate the people," he added. "It must stop immediately. Enough already have the products, but they close the doors to people, to make them suffer under the sun."

The country is struggling under severe economic challenges. In August, it was estimated that inflation had soared to an eye-watering 808 per cent - the highest in the world - though the official rate is a less headline-grabbing 6.35 per cent.

The discrepancy is down to black market goods.

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