Will schoolboy errors in an invitation to attend the Independent Schools Show deter parents from the expensive route?

City A.M. Reporter
An Overview Of Eton College
Schools such as Eton will be represented at the Independent Schools Show (Source: Getty)

Correct use of grammar is something upon which most attendees at the Independent Schools Show this weekend will place high value.

It would seem, however, that the rules drilled into our nation’s youth are thrown out of the window once they grow up and enter the world of public relations.

The glaring misuse of an inverted comma and the unnecessary pluralisation of a word are something that would surely cause even the most laissez-faire or lackadaisical English language teacher to consider bringing back the rod.

These spell-check dodging errors are exactly what greeted The Capitalist upon receiving an invitation to attend the show, which boasts some of the country’s most famous schools, including Eton and Harrow.

The offending text read: “The Independent Schools Show, which takes places [sic] this weekend in London, is the leading show of it’s [sic] kind…”

Grammar gripes aside, the Independent Schools Show is likely to attract the cream of London’s crop as parents fret over which £5,000 per term establishment will provide the most nourishing environment for young master Hugo and miss Clementine.

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