Support for remaining in the EU at strongest since the start of October, says new ICM poll

Chris Papadopoullos
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The biggest EU supporters are young people and Labour and Lib Dem voters (Source: Getty)

British support for remaining in the EU is at its strongest since the beginning of October, according to a weekly poll published today.

ICMs poll showed 46 per cent of people would vote to stay while 38 per cent would vote to leave – the rest said "don't know". The robust support for staying in the EU comes as Prime Minister David Cameron seeks to boost public support for his renegotiation plans.

The data reveals that younger voters and Labour and Lib Dem voters are significantly more likely to back the UK’s EU membership.

Anthony Wells, research director at YouGov, erred on the side of caution. He said:

46 per cent is the highest ICM have recorded for Remain in their weekly tracker, though it’s still well within the normal margin of error. For now the picture from ICM’s regular polling remains one of a small but stable lead for Remain, rather than any movement in either direction.

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