The 12-week total body transformation workout and exercise plan: week 2

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Sam before (left) and after two weeks; some of the No.1 Fitness equipment

What were your goals?

I’m like a lot of people: I played sports throughout my early 20s, then I got a proper job in the City and started working late nights and going for after-work drinks. I’d just let myself go, basically. I was eating loads of take away, had got myself a beer belly. I thought one day ‘If I don’t do something about this now I’m going to be unhealthy for the rest of my life’. So I wanted to get back into shape, feel better about myself, just generally sort my life out!

How did you find the first two weeks?

Well, I immediately got ill, which is quite rare for me. My trainer Ben said this might happen – it’s a big shock to the system. I think it was down to the change in diet, cutting out sugary drinks, thinking a lot more about the type and amount of carbs I was eating. Ben said I should push on through it, and after a week I was feeling great. It’s amazing how quickly your body adapts to the new routine.

what have you taken from the experience so far?

I’ve realised just how important it is having a trainer. You start to feel you’re not only letting yourself down if you slip up – suddenly you have someone else who’s invested in your fitness. The little things that would usually knock you off track – like getting ill – are much easier to overcome.

Trainer Ben Camara says:

You could tell immediately that Sam needed to improve his general fitness. He weighed 15st, which was about three over his ideal weight. He was also carrying a lot of bloat which was down to poor diet. The focus with Sam was about slimming down rather than bulking up, so we worked on fat burning exercises like squats and lunges. As with all of our clients, we took a holistic approach, pin-pointing the areas of his lifestyle that he needed to improve.

• The 12-week program costs from £2,525 for three sessions a week, including the nutrition consultation. City A.M. readers can apply for a free, no obligation consultation with a trainer. For more information and to book your free consultation log on to or visit one of these No. 1 Fitness studios:

• 50 St Mary Axe, Lower Ground Floor, EC3A 8FR, Tel: 0207 621 1312,

• 108 Maltings Place, 169 Tower Bridge Road, SE1 3JB, Tel: 0207 403 6660,

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