Now you can buy gold in kilo bars from Royal Mint - and these are the top 10 countries investing in bullion

Bullion for you... a kilos worth (Source: Getty)

The Royal Mint is hoping to attract gold buyers with deeper pockets with the launch of a new kilo bullion bar.

Since setting up shop online a year ago with a trading platform that allows retail investors to buy precious metals from as little as £20, sales of gold have increased by more than 50 per cent and more than 12,000 customers from 35 different countries have invested through so far.

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Anyone snapping up a gold kilo bullion bar will even get it delivered to their door. For those looking for somewhere more secure, they can always choose to keep it in the Royal Mint's vaults which are guarded by the Ministry of Defence.

"Our 1,000 year history and world-renowned heritage means that we are globally recognised as a reliable authority on precious metals. As passes its first anniversary and begins to mature, we wanted our offering to reflect this and felt the kilo gold cast bar adds depth to our range and will appeal to the serious investor,” said Royal Mint's bullion director Chris Howard.

The exact price of the kilo bar depends on the spot price of gold at the time of purchase. Today, that's just under £25,000.

It's UK investors who are snapping up the most bullion. But Greeks' are also eager to get their hands on the precious metal - a safer bet perhaps than investing closer to home with the country's economic worries.

Here's who's buying up the most gold bullion from Royal Mint.

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