Google's Alphabet is free to be evil as the company ditches "don't be evil" motto

Clara Guibourg
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The new motto is "do the right thing" (Source: Getty)

Google’s parent company is finally free to be evil. When Google became Alphabet, it rather ominously decided to leave its motto “don’t be evil” behind.

And while Google employees still have to promise not to be evil. But that code of conduct doesn’t apply to its new parent company, after Google’s transition to Alphabet was completed last week.

Alphabet employees have slightly less strict rules to abide by - not to mention less catchy. Employees of Alphabet “should do the right thing - follow the law, act honourably and treat each other with respect”.

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The famous motto has long been associated with the tech giant, and was even included in its 2004 initial public offering. But it isn’t the only part of its code of conduct, which spans pages and includes other gems like “we like cats, but we’re a dog company”.

The corporate shakeup that left Google as the subsidiary of holding company Alphabet was finally completed last week, and Google shares traded under Alphabet for the first time on Monday.

While the new umbrella company includes a broad range of efforts from life sciences to Google Ventures and Google X, Google itself has become more streamlined to focus on Android, search YouTube, maps and ads.

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