EU migrant crisis: Man found dead near tracks of Channel Tunnel

Sarah Spickernell
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Thousands of migrants have attempted to cross from France to Britain this year (Source: Getty)
A man of Eritrean origin was found dead early this morning near the tracks of the Channel Tunnel, Eurotunnel has confirmed.
The man, in his twenties, was discovered on the French side of the route, which thousands of migrants have attempted to cross since the start of the refugee crisis this summer.
John Keefe, a spokesman for Eurotunnel, told City A.M.:
At about one o'clock in the morning French time, a person was found unconscious beside the tracks, and the emergency services were immediately called.
The person was taken into their care, but he was unfortunately declared deceased shortly afterwards.
He said the incident was now being looked into by the emergency services in France, but reports suggest he was hit by a freight train. It takes the total death toll of migrants attempting to make the crossing this summer to 13.
Eurotunnel expresses regret that this has happened, and the incident provides yet another example of how dangerous it can be to attempt to cross the channel illegally.

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