Labour MPs could go against Corbyn and back Syria strikes

Lauren Fedor
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The Labour party could back Cameron, despite staunch opposition from Corbyn (Source: Getty)
The Labour party could back Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposals to launch airstrikes in Syria, despite staunch opposition from the party’s new leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn said yesterday that Labour would only make a decision on whether to support strikes after Cameron sets out his proposals.

Benn told the BBC: “What we’ve said consistently is that the government if it has got a proposal should bring that to the House of Commons.”

He added: “In relation to airstrikes, we shall look at the objectives.”

Corbyn said last week that he only supported “peaceful solutions” to the conflict in Syria.

Benn’s comments came after the Sunday Times reported that nearly half of Corbyn’s newly-appointed shadow cabinet are likely to favour military action when the Prime Minister puts his proposals to a vote in the House of Commons later this year.

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