UK house prices: These are the best value properties near to top-performing schools

Hands up who thinks their parents got a bargain house price? (Source: Getty)

There are many factors that come into play when trying to find the perfect house, and location is always one of them - not least when it comes to school catchment areas.

But sometimes the premium you pay to get near a school might not be worth it - perhaps the school doesn't really perform as well as you think it does, or maybe the cost of living that bit closer to it is way higher than the local average.

So how can you work out where to get the most bang for your buck when trying to find the best value property for your children's education?

We've crunched the Land Registry's figures for houses bought so far this year and averaged it across postcode districts to find the average cost of a property within the catchment radius of every school in the country.

The X-axis shows the percentage of pupils getting at least five A-C grades including English and maths. The Y-axis shows the percentage difference between the school's postcode and the local authority. The cost of attendance is not considered.

The next chart shows best value schools, which are those where 80 per cent of pupils get five or more A-Cs and the cost of the house is less than the average for that local authority.
This top-10 excludes selective schools, including fee-paying and grammar schools, which can distort the data. Independent schools do not list their selection procedures with the Department for Education, so they are also omitted.

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