"Why aren't you at your desk?": The vending machine which speaks in your boss' voice - to foster "better communication"

Emma Haslett
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"Get back to work..." (Source: Getty)

Are internal comms in your company lacking a certain je ne sais quoi? One manufacturer has a solution: the corporate vending machine, which speaks in the boss' voice.

Yep, Japanese (naturally) company Dydo Drinco has rolled out machines that speak in the boss' voice at a "number of businesses", according to The Japan Times.

The machines can be programmed to make up to five comments like "thank you" or "you must be tired" (or, indeed, "are you sure you need that can of Coke, fatty?", "what are you doing away from your desk?" etc) in the voice of the company's boss. Apparently, the idea is to foster "better communication", the paper reported.

The first company to install the vending machines was Kyoto-based taxi company MK co, whose vending machines feature president Nobuaki Aoki making comments such as "Drive safe without any accident" and "Groom yourself well and smile". Surprisingly benevolent, given the possibilities....

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