Nazi gold train: "Significant discovery" made in Walbrzych, Poland in search for World War Two treasure legend

Lynsey Barber
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Treasure hunters claim to have discovered nazi gold of Polish legend (Source: Getty)

What's being described as a "significant discovery" has been made in Poland after two men claimed to have found an abandoned Nazi train filled with gold.

The deputy mayor of Walbrzych, a town in the south-west of Poland, has confirmed that a train found in the area is "military in nature", although no mention of valuables was made.

According to Polish legend, a Nazi train filled with gold went missing at the end of the Second World War somewhere in the south-west of the country near Ksiaz castle. The area is home to a series of tunnels built by the Nazis, known as Project Reise.

Two treasure hunters say they made the discovery last week and authorities have been looking into the claims. The lawyer representing the two men has claimed the discovery was one of "global importance" and on a par with the Titanic.

The exact location of the discovery is being kept under wraps and any aspiring treasure hunters have been warned not to search for the train - officials say it is likely to be booby-trapped.

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