Recruitment, tourism and marketing - these are the professions with the worst bosses

Sarah Spickernell
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Four in 10 people say they feel overworked by their boss (Source: Getty)
The country's worst bosses can be found in the recruitment industry, according to a survey by Approved Index.
By asking almost 1,400 employees across a range of industries about their relationships with their bosses, they discovered that this is the profession where people are most likely to quit because of a bad manager.
In fact, 100 per cent of recruiters said they had been forced to leave a job at some stage because of their boss, compared to the average of 42 per cent across all industries.
Tourism and marketing came in second and third place for boss-related resignations, with 77 per cent and 63 per cent admitting to quitting a job, respectively. Accounting, architecture and fashion were among the other professions to fall into the top 10.

For all those who have already quit a job because of their boss, it looks like many are set to follow – a third of those surveyed said they thought their current boss was incompetent.
Top reasons given for having little faith in a boss included feeling under-appreciated, which 41 per cent admitted to, being overworked, and suffering as a result of favouritism towards other team members.

Top five reasons for wanting to say bye-bye your boss

1. Feeling underappreciated (41%)

2. Being overworked (40%)

3. Other team members receive favouritism (35%)

4. Empty promises (31%)

5. Unfair pay (30%)

While the overall picture looks bad, there are still professions where very few people have such severe issues with their managers. In research, for example, just 20 per cent said a boss had driven them to quit, while 30 per cent of those in engineering said so.

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