Listing alpaca farming and ninja practice on your CV "just a bit too personal", warn City recruiters

Edith Hancock
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One applicant tends to his alpacas in his free time
Some readers may remember the 80’s trend for writing completely useless and “quirky” info into one’s CV. Sadly, with the advent of LinkedIn, talking about your love of sky-diving and extensive collection of beard combs doesn’t always win favours with the people in Human Resources. But some of the most elite recruitment firms in the City still regularly see resumes from aspiring finance directors full of baffling out-of-office hobbies.

City recruiters Marks Sattin say that the trend is far from dead, with those applying for financial director roles showing off interests including “alpaca farming” and “ninja practice” to win employers’ hearts.

Associate director at Marks Sattin Glen Roberts told The Capitalist that, as funny as it seems, listing your interests as “collecting whisky” is never a good move. “People might think it’s eye catching, but a lot of the time it’s just a bit too personal.” You’ve been warned.


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