EU investors unmoved by fear of a Grexit

Edith Hancock
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INVESTORS have “lost interest” in the Grexit, as the latest figures from behavioural finance experts Sentix reveal the Eurozone is booming regardless of uncertainty over Greece’s future in it.

Despite the crisis surrounding Greece’s place in the currency union, estimates from Sentix’s survey reveal that investors are treating the Eurozone as if it’s in an economic boom period.

The poll, which surveyed over 1,000 investors, revealed that while investors’ six month expectations were stable, assessments of the current situation have improved hugely, with the current sentiment index standing at 18.5, its highest since January 2011. Sintex said that this is down to investors losing interest in Greece’s uncertain future with the EU.

Last week Sentix also released a survey claiming that investors’ were divided over whether or not they thought Greece would walk away from the euro this year.

Senior analyst at Sentix Sebastian Wanke said: “This suggests that investors just don’t care anymore. As far as Europe’s markets are concerned they are quite confident in investments.”

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