What London saw: How commuters, witnesses and others in the capital watched the events of 7/7 unfold

Commuters took to the streets as London ground to a halt (Source: Getty)

It's a cliche, but everyone remembers where they were when the events of 7/7 began to unfold.

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But while the rest of the country tuned into events from afar, only those who were in the capital understand the sense of confusion, chaos and panic, which gave way to a sense of togetherness and stoical reflection as, for one day only, the commuters who ordinarily buried themselves in newspapers and magazines took to the streets of the capital.

For a few, the experience was life-changing. Some still bear the physical scars of the tragedy which left 52 people dead and countless people injured. Others are left with memories: memories of the explosions, snatched glimpses of fast movements giving way to impossible brightness - or fleeting encounters with the bombers themselves as they made their way into the Tube.

Here, we've collected the memories of Londoners - from City workers' recollections of commuters' kindness as they trudged across London Bridge, to witnesses whose lives were irrevocably changed that day.

Click or tap on the bubbles below to see Londoners' memories. Entries marked * are taken from witness testimony given to the inquests into the London bombings. Full transcripts are available in the National Archives.

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