Channel Tunnel is open again and Eurostar Services have resumed from St Pancras

Sarah Spickernell
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The Eurostar service operates between the UK, France and Belgium (Source: Getty)
The Channel tunnel linking France to the UK has reopened, and Eurostar services from St Pancras have resumed.
Earlier today, the route was suspended due to damage to the tracks caused by strikers in Calais, who used burning tyres to block railway tracks at the entrance of the tunnel.
As a result, thousands of people on either side of the tunnel have experienced delays to their journeys.
Eurotunnel LeShuttle tweeted that although the services had reopened for the time being, they could not predict what the situation would be tomorrow.

Eurostar said its services had resumed, and that passengers with a ticket for up-coming services should arrive as normal but allow extra time to check-in.
Eurotunnel has advised that the Channel Tunnel has now reopened, following the decision to suspend all traffic due to the industrial action of MyFerryLink workers at the port of Calais.
It added, however, that those who were booked onto a train cancelled today should rebook their ticket at before travelling.
This is the second time in a week Eurostar and Le Tunnel have had to suspend services because of fires caused by striking workers. The first strike on 23 June resulted in hundreds of migrants using the opportunity to try and cross into the UK.

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