Get to the chopper: The number of helicopter journeys around London has fallen (although it peaks at Glastonbury time)

The UK's economic recovery may be about to enter its final stages - but are the super-rich still feeling the strain? Figures show the number of helicopter flights around London still hasn't recovered to 2008 levels - and it's still falling.

Figures produced for City A.M. by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) show the number of flights made annually by helicopters through London airspace have fallen from 31,145 in 2008 to 20,436 in 2014. And, as the chart above suggests, they're on course to be lower still this year.

Boston Consulting Group's Wealth Report, which was published last week, suggest the super-rich might be tightening their belts: the number of ultra-high-net-worth households - that's those with $100m (£63.7m) or more - has barely increased since last year, with 1,019 households having access to helicopter-scrambling levels of wealth.

Meanwhile, the UK's private financial wealth has grew 11.5 per cent to $9.7 trillion between 2013 and 2014, driven by equities and bonds - suggesting the wealth of many high net worth individuals may be tied up in other places.

The figures also showed journeys taken by helicopter tend to peak each year as the season gets into full swing. June - which counts among its social occasions both Wimbledon and Glastonbury Festival, a mecca for well-off individuals eager to get down and dirty with the hoi polloi - is the most popular month for helicoptering, with 2,312 journeys last year. Next was July, which has Henley Regatta, during which there were 2,229 journeys last year.

A CAA spokesman also suggested the peak in summer travel could be down to enthusiastic tourists.

"This peak is the result of better weather, which is good for sightseeing, and the increase in large outdoor events, such as music festivals and big sporting occasions," he said.

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