Magna Carta 2015: Raise a glass to the creation of the pint for Beer Day Britain

Catherine Neilan
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Magna Carta: Sealing that document was thirsty work (Source: Getty)
If you think the Magna Carta celebrations are all about the lofty ideals of democracy, property and habeas corpus, think again.
There is one particular article that appeared in the 1215 document sealed by King John that you really should raise a glass to – the creation of the pint.
Article 35 of the Great Charter said: “Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn, namely 'the London quarter'.”
With these words the humble measurement of ale we have all come to love was enshrined in history.
Although Beer Day Britain is an annual event, this year's celebrations will coincide with the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.
Participants are being encouraged to join a “national cheers to beer” at 12:15pm today. Organisers also want people to use Twitter to spread the word by tweeting pictures of people raising a glass using the hashtag #CheersBDB.
Beer Day Britain organisers are hoping to enter the Guinness World Records for the largest number of people participating in a national cheers.
Beer Day Britain is supported by the likes of Britain’s Beer Alliance, British Beer & Pub Association, Society of Independent Brewers and the Campaign for Real Ale, and run by beer sommelier of the year Jane Peyton. Here is what they say:

What is the intention of Beer Day Britain?

To encourage people to drink beer whether that is at the pub, a barbeque, party, picnic, brewery tap room, on an ale rail, or at a Magna Carta event.
To raise the profile of beer as Britain's national drink.
To make people proud of Britain's beer and pubs today and of Britain's heritage as the world's brewing powerhouse and its role in spreading the love and knowledge of beer to all of Earth's hemispheres.
To introduce a friend to beer and try and convert them to become regular beer drinkers.
To have a fantastic time drinking and enthusing about our favourite drink.

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